Bread Box Studios

Hoblit is the proprietor of Bread Box Studios and works with many musicians all over the world. Trying to find a happy medium between analog and digital, he wields his style into most every production while staying true to the project and the artists involved in them.

Hoblit is also an acomplished musician who has sold commercial jingles, hold music, voice over work, and has been involved with many bands both in Atlanta and the Tampa Bay area. You can find most of his work on various links and the bulk of his own music here at this link.

Please feel free to contact Hoblit by emailing him personally here.

Past bands include the punk rock outfit Ghost Town Gridlock and The Funeral Dazies, a local Tampa Bay horror punk band. Hoblit is also working on a 'the perfect punk rock album' under the name Joblito y el Banditos and is always looking for other musicians to work with.