Bread Box Studios

Bread Box Studios is a quality recording endeavor with very little overhead. We pass those savings right on to you. We offer a full range of services such as commercial jingles, hold music, voice over work, and more.

Located in the convenient West Shore area of Tampa, this studio is equipped for a full band sound complete with drums, electric and acoustic guitars, and bass. There are many types of studio musicians available on stand-by as well. You or your band can visit and record live or track everything out. The choice is yours and each project's price is negotiable depending on you or your band's needs. Anyone who chooses to utilize Bread Box Studios' facilities will retain that control and have every bit of input throughout their project.

Hoblit networks with many other artists who can cover these needs and more! So please have a click around and feel free to contact us here in the studio. If it's not specifically addressed on this site, please feel free to ask. If we can't do it, there is still a good chance we know somebody who can!